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maladjusted at the Firehall Arts Centre || Photos: David Cooper

We will be live streaming the final performance of maladjusted, March 28, 2015 at 8pm (Pacific Daylight Time) and you can interact from wherever you are in the world, using a 'webactor' as your intervener.

Click the graphic below to access the webcast page!

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Founded in 1981, Vancouver's Theatre for Living (Headlines Theatre), directed by David Diamond, uses THEATRE FOR LIVING to help living communities tell their stories. THEATRE FOR LIVING has evolved from Augusto Boal's "Theatre of the Oppressed". Since 1989 Theatre for Living (Headlines Theatre) work has slowly moved away from the binary language and model of "oppressor/oppressed" and now approaches community-based cultural work from a systems-based perspective; understanding that a community is a complexly integrated, living organism.

Theatre for Living (Headlines Theatre) work is a worldwide leading example of theatre for social change; theatre for dialogue creation and conflict resolution; theatre for community healing and empowerment. Projects have taken place in collaboration with First Nations and multicultural communities through hundreds of theatre workshops, Power Plays and Forum Theatre events around the world on issues such as violence and suicide prevention, anti-racism workshops, youth empowerment, homelessness and mental health, othering, bullying and community development.

And don't miss our annual theatre based training workshops! They are attended by people from around the globe who apply THEATRE FOR LIVING techniques to mainstream theatre, interdisciplinary work, environmental action, education, counselling, conflict resolution and mediation training as well as community cultural development (CCD).

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